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Quality Kentucky Mountain and Rocky Mountain Horses

Open Fork Farm is retiring. Call us for a few geldings for sale. But we no longer breed and raise Rocky Mountain Horses. See you on the trails!


Rocky Mountain Horses

The Rocky Mountain horse appeared in Kentucky around the turn of the century. The basic characteristics of Rocky Mountain horses are horses of medium-sized body with a gentle temperament, and an easy ambling four beat gait. They are known for their tolerance of cold weather with a minimum of shelter, their strong heart and endurance, and surefootedness. The Rocky Mountain horse is an easy keeper and is used for pleasure, trail, and competitive and endurance riding. The Rocky Mountain horse is rapidly gaining popularity as a show horse.

Open Fork Farm is committed to raising Rocky Mountain horses with a willing, gentle temperament and an even four-beat, natural gait. Enjoy your walk through our Rocky Mountain horse and Kentucky Mountain horse world!

Open Fork Farm selectively breeds to ensure that each horse has the characteristics of excellent temperament, natural 4-beat saddle rack gait, and solid Mountain Horse conformation.

Our Vision and Mission

Open Fork Farm's mission is to breed for naturally gaited, good tempered, well-conformed Rocky Mountain horses and Kentucky Mountain horses and to place them in the right home. With an eye toward keeping the horses' original qualities, it is our mission to improve upon the horse one breeding and one horse at a time. We raise about four good foals each year.

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October 13, 2013